Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gobble Gobble!

Obviously we have all been very busy since the holiday season came rushing in on us as I am just now getting these pictures from last month posted. Tori is still having technical difficulties with the blog so I'm filling in for her until her computer gets fixed.

The word this round was "gobble-gobble" and the rules were...there could be no turkey in the picture but there had to be something blue in the picture. Again, I'm very amused at how everyone took the parameters in to so many different directions.

And now, I present to you..."Gobble-Gobble"...

By Tami Wyatt:

By Lee Sowers:

By Tori Pendell:

By Katie Pendell:

By Hannah Pendell:

Thank you guys for playing in this round. I DO realize how busy we all are particularly at this time of the year. I'm going to ask Lee to pick the word for the next round and we will notify you via Face Book as soon as she picks a word.

Until next time...