Monday, November 23, 2009


Another fun bunch of entries! I think we all got the idea across in our own special way.

Thank you so much for playing...we know that life is certainly busy this time of year but you still have to take time out to have a little bit of fun!

Stay tuned for our next will get a note via Face Book. If YOU would like to make the rules for our next round let me know, otherwise I'm going to make an alphabetized list and that way everyone will have a turn...and they will also have a little bit of time to think of their word and their rules for that round.

And with no further adooooo....I give you "MOTION"

By Tami Wyatt (Picture entitled: "Tori is the fastest texter in the west!")

By Rebekah Pendell

By Nancy Wyatt

By Tori Pendell

By Wendy Tran

By Katie Pendell

By Hannah Pendell

By Lee Sowers

By Emily Sowers

This is so fun...I can't believe EVERYONE doesn't want to play!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Testing 1 2 3!

These are a few random pictures that I chose to post while Tami was teaching me how to work this blog.
Enjoy, won't you!!

This is Rebekah when she was on Beverly Hills 90210, ain't she a beauty?

This is Tori and Tami on Huntington beach, ain't we beauties?

This is Tori on Edwin's boat at sunset, ain't it a beauty??