Sunday, January 10, 2010


ONE, by Lee Sowers

ONE, by Emily Sowers

ONE Big Guy, by Denille Franco

ONE Tire On The Curb, by Nancy Wyatt. This was taken outside of the Senior Citizen Center.

ONE Silhouette At Dusk,by Rebekah Pendell

ONE, by Wendy Tran

ONE Stool,Two Cats, by Madge and Ray Sanchez

One Icicle, by Tori Wyatt
Tori snapped this shot of the lone icicle in Arkansas.

Channel ONE, by Kari Oneyear Kent

ONE Lotus Blossom, By Tami Wyatt This is exactly how the picture was taken, it has not been altered or enhanced!


  1. I'm in "finally" All the photos here are great! I have an idea for the next word that would be fun for all. Can I pick the word?

    Heh heh...the Sultan likes this.

  2. I think Nancy had something to do with "staging" her picture....

  3. Wow, that last picture is gorgeous!!!